One design

World today is filled with inequalities, its dog eat dog world where money is the king.

That is why we, here is Sailing Forever, have tried our best to right this wrong and purchasing the fleet of one design boats. In doing so we have made possible to all sailors and lovers of the sea the opportunity to sail on identical sailboats, same speed, equipment and sailing performance so may the best crew win. This is especially important if you’re planning team building, since every crew can equally enjoy the competition and Adriatic islands.
Our One design fleet has 10x Beneteau First 45 and 10x Beneteau First 35. Right from the start we chose boats built in the world’s largest sailing shipyard Beneteau and their First line. Sturdy, robust, elegant these boats are not only attractive but, more importantly, quality sailboats since we believe our guest deserve the best.
Regatta is not only the boats, as lifelong sailors we are well aware of that, so through our sailing club we organize everything else necessary to make your regatta/team building more pleasurable experience. With that in mind we handle all regatta documents need to be filed with Croatian sailing federation and Harbor master office. We also provide technical support before and during the regatta as one of our technicians goes on regatta with the organization to help out with repairs, mooring, restaurants, marinas …. Our regatta price includes buoys (marks) and their anchors, ropes, flags, video projector, speakers, DJ console with microphone. We also have 2 ribs to help with mark setting. We closely work with leading Croatian sailing judges and can organize their presence at your event.

In Croatia, at the moment, few one design fleets are available. With all due respect to our colleagues, we consider ourselves to be the best because of the following: We choose the best boats that sailing market had to offer however those boats needed to be equipped and we went for the best in that regard as well.


As long time sailors we stayed away from cheap dacron and horizontal sail cut since these sails at bit stronger winds stretch out and lose their shape. Our fleet has sails made of Spectra-Hydra net material with TriRadial cut, all carefully chosen with One Sails sailmakers. Front sail is in fact 106% jib- easily drawn in strong wind jet large enough for sailing in light winds. Main sail has 5 full battens, on First 45 fleet Harken Battcar system along with full-length battens helps raise,douse and reef of main sail and specially ordered electric winch makes raising the sails easier. Lazy bag system makes lowering of the sail easy and effortless job.

Mast, rigging and systems

The boats have regatta masts with rod rig which is more durable and far less stretched that regular wire. Genoa sheets are upgrated with barberhauler to produce better upwind performance. Ropes are by the French manufacturer Cousin and are blend of good polyester and spectra for halyards.

Underwater parts

Underwater hull is coated with the 3 layers of antifouling International Micron Extra. This type of antifouling paint is very durable and doesn’t fade so that the boat is clean and ready for sailing.


The wind picked up and you are sailing with a lifejacket on? Standard lifejacket makes it hard to move on board, let alone sail in the regatta. We have equipped our boats with automatic inflatable lifejackets with integrated harness from the beginning.

Boat branding

Our boats have with large numbers on the bow making them easier to distinguish. First 45 fleet has numbers 1-15 while First 35 are marked 16-25. These numbers are only marks and were places as close to the bow as possible leaving room for your regatta sponsor. Bring your own stickers or order some from us and we would be happy to place them on your boat. You would also like to place your stickers on the boom? No problem, our logo may be there but, again, pushed maximally up front leaving room for your sponsor.

Buoys, ropes, dinghy, music etc.

For the regattas one needs extra buoys, ropes, anchors, flags, trumpets… And we have it all! Buoys, naturally, are marked with our logo, but, again, you have enough space for the sponsor’s logo. Buoys with anchoring are included in the price of the boats, as are the DJ console with speakers and microphone so all you have to worry about is music. We also have dinghies, specifically Lolivul 5.9 with special deep V-bottom and Honda 90 HP outboard and Arimar 650 with Yamaha 150 HP


All above is worthless without the great team to organize the regatta at your disposal. Firstly you will contact Silvio for the booking, then Valentina who is available for Croatian Sailing federation regatta application and the Harbour master’s office paperwork as well as marina reservation, dinner reservation and etc. and finally, the most exciting part of the story, at the marina you will meet Mario and his team of sailing technicians – Tomo, Marko, Goran and Matko that expertly maintain the boats and prepare them each week. Jure made sure that the motor is working and will repair minor problems that come up during the sailing week while Marica is in charge of boat cleaning.


Located, separate from others, in tranquil part of the marina, our large office within has a table used by the organizers for the registration of participants and the event organization. In front of the office is special space that can be used for welcome drinks, registration or similar.